Our Curriculum

This program includes the complete curriculum for a professional career in hypnotherapy, developed and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization in the world with members across the USA and in more than 65 other countries around the globe. It integrates this training with our Master Energy Healer Certification program that includes training in DNA Activation & Attunement, USUI Reiki, Crystal Healing Therapy, Spiritual Intuitive Healing & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

This Hypnoenergy Therapist Certification Program offers a unique combination of hypnotic & meditative energy healing experiences, masterclasses, weekly livestreams with your teacher, interactive discussions, individual and group coaching & mentoring and a supportive series of practicums that allow for an in depth synthesis of learning. This is the syllabus for the healing and learning course portal.

This program takes place in a series of 5 – 50 week long tracks followed by a 6 month practicum. Within each track you will move through a series of portals and pillars as you are introduced to one modality at a time in the weaving together of your practice. This will lead you through the first 58 months of the program. The objectives that we have inside of the first 58 months are listed here:

Program Objectives

  • Complete the lightbody activation process and connect and align with your Merkaba field.
  • Develop your intuitive mind and relationship with crystals.
  • Understand the major body systems and how they work together to maintain health within the body.
  • Create a strong foundation for a lifelong practice in both energy healing and holistic hypnotherapy.
  • Demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of energy healing practices by creatively building a scientific evidence base about energy healing as a complementary alternative medicine and therapy.
  • Learn holistic hypnotherapy techniques and methods and evidence based practices and training to aid you in delivering preventative treatment, and authoring original education and research.
  • Become an USUI Reiki Master.
  • Learn the art of integrating multiple modalities within individual and group healing experiences.

The final 6 months of this program take place inside of the Transcendent Business Practicum and this is when you will receive your Certification. You will receive a separate guidebook for the Transcendent Business Practicum. This will outline the practicum process and guidelines for certification in DNA Activation & Attunement, Crystal Healing Therapy, Spiritual Intuitive Healing and Holistic Hypnotherapy. Specifically, you will successfully plan and implement a practicum project in a professional setting of your choice. You are assigned a Student Success Coach for the first 58 months and a mentor for the Transcendent Business Practicum. Your meeting with your coach and mentor are counted as participation, which is required for certification.

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