Awakening begins with the sun. The sun is a giant ball of fire and light; it is a radiant mass of energy. Our own spiritual fire; the radiant energy within, is ignited as we awaken. Awakening is a natural process and one that can be helped along with ancient truth and healing practices. To awaken is to get up, go outside and soak up the radiance of the earth. Awakening also includes purifying our minds, bodies and energy fields so that we en-joy our experience here on earth more and suffer less. In the first ten portals, we choose to consciously awaken to our true nature as Master Beings of Love and Light together. We will awaken the cells of our bodies by bringing light and love into every fiber of our bodies and minds.


Expansion begins in our hearts. So it is fitting to begin our expansion through a deep healing of our heart centers. Expansion is also about opening to receiving all of the highest vibrating energetic frequencies available to us right now on this sacred time on earth. What we have known as human life is only a fraction of the experience we are meant to know. It is through the continued practice of bringing light into every single cell of our bodies and opening to the infinite wisdom of our divine guides that we can know together the transcendent wellbeing possible as we ascend into our true essence as master beings of love and light together.


To embody is to bring and hold the light within our bodies, minds and souls. It begins with asking for total radiance and for believing together in our essential nature as Master Beings of Love and Light. As we began this journey, we practiced bringing light into our bodies and being one with the light while we were alone. As we begin to embody the light we will be challenged to hold the light as we step further out into the world. We are here to not only be one with the light, but also to bring the light into every corner of the earth.  Together, we are stronger than we are alone, and as we lean on the support of our divine guides and our own inner light that we cultivate in surrender to the golden white light at the center of all that is, we will gain the strength to move mountains. 


Transcendence begins with remembering the wellbeing deep at the center of your being. This eternal wellspring of life is fed in every moment of every day. As we live in awareness of the light within our bodies and minds we come into alignment with transcendent physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. From this place all is possible. Here we begin a powerful and transformative series of Merkaba activations. Your Merkaba is a field of energy that surrounds you and is one with the crystalline lightbody of Mother Earth and the cosmos. It is a vehicle of ascension.


Mikao Usui traveled to the top of a mountain in Japan to learn the healing methods of the greatest healers of his time. Here he channeled the system that is now USUI Reiki. This is a system of healing that brings together light, love, and symbols that together with breath and movement through the energy field, bring healing to all that ails the body and mind.

USUI Reiki is the original healing system that humans have utilized on Earth for thousands of years. It provides you with a foundational understanding of how to move healing light through your own body and through the bodies of others. Learning USUI Reiki and receiving the attunements here will serve you for the rest of your life. This is the beginning of a lifelong practice.